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Hello, I'm Jesus Penalver and my goal is to create sustainable growth by creating great teams, products and experiences. The customer is my obsesion and how to satisfy its needs my duty.


I help companies to optimize the revenue channels, identify new market segments, deploy and control strategies to approach new customers and negotiate profitable deals that ensure long-term company success.

I have expertise in several different roles within the games industry, managed multidisciplinar teams of relevant size, increased the main KPI's of the products, negotiated high level deals for Distribution, Monetization and User Acquisition with more than 50 different partners, and now, the MBA provides me with a strategic company vision.

  • Fullname: Jesus Penalver Aznar
  • Birth Date: 1982
  • Job: Executive Producer & Studio Head at DECA Games
  • Website: www.jesuspenalver.com
  • Email: contact@jesuspenalver.com


Thanks to my education, professional experience and personality, I have a great mix between soft and hard skils allowing me to be the perfect candidate for creating or consolidating unique customer centric experiences.

I have a wide experience in the digital and mobile ecosystem and I have performed several roles bringing me good learnings for identifying untapped opportunities.

Some of my skills are:

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    Product management
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  • 95%

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I have shipped more than 20 digital products in different roles but always focused in creating rich and genuine customer experiences. Managing products and adapt them to the customer needs based on internal/external data, optimizing its KPI's and driving succesful partnerships for increasing its reach, are some of the areas that I have developed the most. Digital marketing, including performance marketing and social channels, has changed how the customers are reached and how they interact with the brands, I have developed expertise in controlling vast teams and budgets for achieving sustainable growth.

Work Experience

Executive Producer / Studio Head

2021 - Present

DECA Games

Key titles: Dragonvale, Modern War, Crime City, Kingdom Age, Knights & Dragons, Zombie Catchers, Robbery Bob 1, Robbery Bob 2. Millions of downloads and Daily users.
+ Responsible for the P&L as Sudio Head for one of the internal studios at DECA.
+ Hired and mantained a multidisciplinar, remote and multicultural team of more than 60 people.
+ Supervised the teams and the performance of all the products of the studio, implementing a set of initiatives to ensure the optimal usage of shared resources as well as the definition and implementation of best product practices.

Executive Producer / Consultant

2019 - 2021


Key titles: Confidential but more than 5 multiplatform (web and mobile) games up to now.
+ Support and help companies during Change Management processes mainly focused on data and distributed environments.
+ Define market strategies and align them with the company resources.
+ Design and implement processes for effective team management and project goal alignment.
+ Mentoring and coaching on implementing data driven decision taking processes on highly creative environments.

CEO & Co-Founder

2017 - 2019


Key titles: Worchy Word Search Puzzles, Worchy Word Search Puzzles 2, Worchy Pics! Word Search Puzzles, Worchy & Panda Facebook Instant Games. Millions downloads across all the games.
+ Established the long-term vision of the company and set up goals for the different stages.
+ Traced a solid strategy based in fast production pipelines, a flexible marketing model and a strong commitment for offering the best experiences to our players.
+ Aligned the vision, goals and strategy of the company.
+ Driven the validation and the consolidation of the strategy.
+ Supervised the creative and business areas of the titles in all the development stages.
+ Scouted and hired a super experienced and eager team.
+ Brought a recognized team of advisors and investors.

Growth Manager

2014 - 2017

MAG Interactive

Key titles: Ruzzle, Ruzzle Adventure WordBrain, WordBrain Themes, Potion Pop. More than 100M downloads across all the games, top 50 in overall charts.
+ Incremented the product revenues by 33% through the optimization and expansion of the existing/new revenue channels.
+ Traced the vision of the different products having an impact on the core KPI’s by doing a close analysis of the behavioral data, quantitative and qualitative, and adapting the product to the consumers.
+ Established new acquisition channels that have improved the ROI of the UA efforts by more than a 200% through the research and implementation of innovative and social acquisition models.
+ Coordinated and planned all aspects of performance marketing.
+ Set the growth strategy for entering new markets by establishing new partnerships, using internal information and defining/achieving targets for making the process smooth, profitable and aligned with company vision.
+ Created new distribution channels reaching a user base of more than 800M potential customers by negotiating agreements with new partners.
+ Created a new database of market intelligence with detailed reports about the trends of the industry and emerging territories by doing extensive researches based on quantitative and qualitative methods.

Product owner, project manager and lead game designer

2013 - 2014

Superhippo Games

Key titles: Golden Slots, Pirate Legends TD. Millions of downloads and top 100 in overall charts. Featured by Apple and Google.
+ Boosted the product revenues by 200% through the optimization of the existing revenue channels by doing a close analysis of the behavior data, quantitative and qualitative, and designing/implementing the changes required according to that analysis.
+ Incremented the user engagement by 20% by analyzing the needs and requirements of the users and designing / implementing the chosen improvements.
+ Improved the social interaction of the products by 10% through the extensive use of multivariate testing.
+ Establishing the high level priorities of the products for having a great ROI and minimize the development time by identifying the needs in the different stages of the lifetime of each product.
+ Managed multidisciplinary teams of different sizes decreasing the delivery times by a 20% using Agile methodologies and creating trust between the members of the teams.

Game designer

2011 - 2013

Digital Chocolate

Key titles: Galaxy Life, New In Town, Slots!, Millionaire City. Millions of players across different platforms.
+ Created unique user experiences using my personal creative skills and the analysis of different sources of data.
+ Boosted most of the KPI’s of the products by analyzing, designing and implementing changes based on empirical data.
+ Improved the overall documentation quality and effectiveness by setting up frameworks for the right update flow of it.

Product owner, project manager and game designer

2010 - 2011

South European Team

+ Managed a team of 5 people efficiently setting up priorities and controlling the backlog of the product.
+ Designed the whole concept of a product including conceptual and technical documentation using wireframes and the office package.


Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

September 2015 - December 2016

IE Business School

One of the best MBA's of the world according to Financial Times. I acquired and consolidated knowledge about all the different aspects of a business with special focus on innovation and people management.

BSc Computer Games Technology

September 2008 - May 2011

University of the West of Scotland

The best gaming program in Scotland. I got extensive learnings about game design, project management and game programming techniques.

BSc Computer Engineering

September 2001 - May 2007

Universidad de Murcia

Complete and extensive education about programming and project management. I got familiar with multiple programming/scripting languages including C, C++, C#, Java and Phyton.


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